Tech docs

🔥 Introduction

This documentation describes you how to implement Potions.
It works as a progressive checklist to let you tap into Potions powerful features :
  • creating product recommendations algorithms in a few clicks
  • accessing product lists resulting from those algorithms through API
  • displaying product recommendations banners on-site or in e-mail
  • monitoring product recommendations performances in your analytics and in Potions
Take control of your data.
As soon as you create your account and your first integrations (catalog, analytics…) in Potions, you can create your first experiences and access them in Potions API.
✅ Neither complex tagging nor crawling of your website to retrieve your catalog (poke Nosto 🙂) ⇒ Potions retrieves your catalog server-side from any catalog flow or CMS
✅ No training phases ⇒ Potions trains its algorithms from all your historical data based on your analytics and catalog
🔬Setting up your Potions account
Access your product lists from anywhere
All your recommendation banners and e-merchandizing experiences are accessible in API
🎮Potions Data API
Display product banners simply
Most of the time, Potions team is in charge of implementing your banners entirely.
If your dev team or your web agency intend to implement Potions recommendations banner, they can either do it totally their way or use the two JS libraries Potions provides :
  • Potions Wizard is some kind of Google Sheet with only one method : push(…[name, formula])
  • Potions Spells is a library of operators that you can push and use in Potions Wizard : they are like predefined cells in the Google sheet
    • ✅ No import of a single heavy client API ⇒ you can compose only with the operators you need.
      ✅ No black-box ⇒ everything you add to your website is accessible on a Github repo upon simple request.
This is how your code will look like when using Potions Wizard and Potions Spells
🏷️Implementing Potions banners on your website
Monitor your experiences
After setting up Potions monitoring you’ll be able to follow
  • the performances of your experiences
  • the results of your AB Tests.
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🥼Setting up Potions monitoring🧪Monitoring the performance of your experiences
Potions takes security seriously
Potions cookie-less technology fosters data stored locally in the visitors browser, avoids personal data transfer and therefore considerably limits security issues.
All the non-personal data gathered and analyzed by Potions to train its algorithms are stored in Google Cloud infrastructures in Europe and are neither transferred to any subcontractors nor moved outside EU.
🛡️Potions Security & GDPR 🇫🇷